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Candy Crush Level 9 Guide

Candy Crush Level 9 Guide


Available Moves: 25 moves
Goal: Clear all jelly (22 single coated jelly frames)
One Star: 22,000 points
Two Stars: 44,000 points
Three Stars: 66,000 points
There are four tricky jellies in this level: those that are sticking out of the rows. You might want to clear this off first so you could cruise through the rest. Overall, this level is easy just as long as you remember these effective tips when you take on this level:
1. Try to detonate a wrapped + striped combo in the middle jelly row!
This would clear ALL jellies, so try to create this combination if possible! A colour bomb + striped could also be very helpful. Just try not to pop solo special candies if possible!
2. Make sure you don’t waste your precious moves:
Do not make moves that won’t clear at least one jelly, and opt for moves that would clear multiple jellies, unless, of course, you’re trying to make special candies! Just be wise in spending your moves so you can spare some for the jelly fish.
3. Cascade effect, always remember:
Work on the last jelly row, and hope that the cascade effect will clear out the upper jellies for you! A portion of your success also depends with luck, so there!

4. Have you spun the booster wheel today?
It doesn’t get easier from here, so make sure you save up your boosters! Have fun!

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