Everyone who’s played Candy Crush has gotten stuck at some point.  You run out of moves and/or lives and then what?  You can either harass your Facebook friends and other players to get more lives or you can spend your real money to buy lives or moves.  But who wants to do that?

The answer is no one but yet every single day players spend millions of dollars on in-app purchases and send out millions of annoying requests.  Well if you’re tired of falling into either (or both) of these categories, then we have some great news for you!

Introducing the 2015 Candy Crush Saga hack for extra lives, lollipop hammer, and moves.  This hack tool connects directly to your Candy Crush Saga account to add these resources to the game.  Using this Candy Crush hack will let you add unlimited amounts of lives, moves, and lollipop hammers to your account.  It will also allow you to skip ahead to higher levels and unlock unlimited boosters.

To use the Candy Crush Saga hack tool, you need to download the tool to your phone or other mobile device.  This enables the hack to access the Candy Crush servers undetected to add the resources.  The hack tool will automatically install itself onto your device after you download it.  Then you’ll see the options menu appear.


The Candy Crush hack is very easy to use.  Just follow these instructions and you’ll be hacking in no time!

1. First you need to download the hack tool if you haven’t done that already.  You can get the hack tool right here at CandyCrushIt.com!

2. Once the hack has installed itself onto your device, you first need to choose which type of device you are using to play Candy Crush.  The hack tool currently supports Android and iOS devices.  Tap the “Detect Device” button after you have selected your device type.

3. The hack tool will now be linked to your Candy Crush account.  Just type in the amount of extra lives and lollipop hammers you want to add to your account.  You can also choose to skip ahead to a higher level by typing in the level number in the box.

4. Once you’ve chosen all of the resources that you wish to add to your Candy Crush account, just tap the “Patch Game” button to begin the hack!

5. The Candy Crush Saga hack only takes about 30 seconds to finish.  You can view the progress of the hack by looking at the status bar at the bottom of your screen.

6. The hack will let you know when it’s complete.  Open your Candy Crush Saga app to view that the lives and lollipop hammers have been successfully added.  Now you can enjoy playing Candy Crush without ever having to worry about running out of lives or moves again!

You can use the Candy Crush hack as many times as you’d like to add more resources to your account.  If you have any questions or problems with the 2015 Candy Crush hack, feel free to leave us a comment or send us a message.  Also you can refer to the help guide below.

Candy Crush Hack Help Guide

How do I get the Candy Crush hack tool?

You can download the Candy Crush hack right here on this website from one of the links above.

Why do I need to download the hack tool to use it?

Good question.  The Candy Crush hack tool works by creating a single access point to the Candy Crush servers via your phone or tablet.  This is so that it can work undetected by the game’s admins.  Other online hack tools that claim to be “no download” often have thousands of users hacking through the same access point.  This almost always results in the hack being blocked and many user accounts being banned.

Can my account get banned for using this Candy Crush hack?

This hack uses a protection script as an added layer of security for hacking.  We recommend using the hack in moderation so as not to attract attention to your account.  For example, don’t try to add 500,000 lives to your account or it will probably get suspended or banned.  There is always a chance of getting banned for hacking (as with any game) so proceed with caution.

I play Candy Crush on my computer, can I use this hack tool?

The Candy Crush Saga hack currently only works on Android and iOS devices.  We are in the process of developing another version for computer players.  You can follow our Twitter account for updates.

Why can’t I find the download link for this hack?

You should be able to find the download link for the Candy Crush hack above.  If you do not see the download link, the hack may be down for maintenance.  Our developers regularly test and update the hack to ensure it’s working properly.  Check back later and the hack tool should be available again.