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Soda Saga Level 2 Tips – Candy Crush Cheats

soda-saga-level-2-cheatsAvailable moves: 25 moves
Goal: Pop 8 bottles
Target score: 3 000
Two stars: 20 000
Three stars: 30 000

Candy Crush Soda Level 2 isn’t much more difficult than the first level. One new thing is Liquorice Lock. The Liquorice lock is the first of many “blockers” you’ll encounter in Candy Crush Soda Saga. Liquorice locks prevent you from moving the candy and might be quite tricky sometimes. If you haven’t been careful with the first level, this is another chance to get used to game’s basics. Here are some simple tips which you might find useful:

Focus on removing Liquorice Lock with your first moves
Then you will be able to move freely regular candies and pop bottles.

Create a Fish when it’s possible
Match 4 candies in a square. The Swedish fish will bring in surrounding candies if it can so sometimes it will match 5 candies instead of just 4, for example.

Don’t forget your target (pop bottles) is the most important part of the level. Don’t make useless moves.

No time limit
Always look for the best possible match. Don’t rush, you will have plenty of time limits levels further in the game.
Good luck and don‘t forget to invite your friends if you need more lives!

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