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Level 3 Soda Saga Cheats – Candy Crush Tips Guide

level-3-soda-saga-cheatsAvailable Moves: 20
Goal: Pop the bottles to raise the soda level
Target Score: 1 000
Two Stars: 10 000
Three Stars: 20 000

You start the level by being taught how to create a fish in the upper corners by collecting 4 candies in a square. I always forget about this Soda feature so keep in mind. Once you have created the fish, they will fall down and you have to match them like usual to pop bottles. Play quickly and there will be more automatically created moves. Here are some useful tips. While some of them are more specific, don‘t forget about the basics:

Detonate the jelly fish first
It will be easier than making a striped candy.

Match a jelly fish with candy
The fish will connect with a bottle somewhere on the board and the soda level will raise magically.

Don‘t waste special candies
Combine them to create even more powerful moves. It is not only about goal, it is about incredible scores.

Good luck and don‘t forget to invite your friends if you need more lives!

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