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Level 530 Tips for Candy Crush – Updated Cheats Guide


Available Moves: 33
Goal: Clear all the jelly squares and get at least 150,000 points.
Target Score: 150,000 points
Two Stars: 240,000 points
Three Stars: 300,000 points

Level 530 is the fifteenth level and the last level of Sour Salon in Candy Crush Saga. To win, you must clear all 65 jelly squares, usually enough to gain 150,000 points in the process. The board is shaped in quite an odd manner; a rectangular shaped board with squares cut out and placed in corners, etc. There are 5 colors, making striped candies moderately difficult to create, unless thoroughly planned. This level is rated as moderately difficult.


– Make the color bomb + striped candy combination as it can clear the blocks and the jellies while also releasing the fish, gaining a large amount of points while working towards the jelly goal.

– If a striped candy + color bomb combo cannot be created early on in the game, go for the side jellies. If you can see a color combo which can release the fish, go for it! Do not hesitate to use it! This is highly vital to winning this level.

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