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Level 534 Tips For Candy Crush Saga

Available Moves: 25
Goal: Clear all 44 double jelly squares
Target Score: 200,000 points   
Two Stars: 300,000 points
Three Stars: 400,000 points
Level 534 in Candy Crush Saga is the 4th level of Sticky Savannah and 228th level involving jelly squares. This level is riddled with double jelly squares, 44 of them. The shape of the board is simple, a rectangular board. The problem is the barriers in the game, however. The player only has 25 moves to clear the jellies, scoring 200,000 points in the process. The 7 move bombs along with the five layered icing make priority making highly important for this level.  There are 5 colors, making creating jellies quite difficult. This level is classified as extremely hard, so pay attention to the guide, and plan your every move according to the strategy listed below.
Strategy Guide:
– The highest priority is clearing the bombs. Don’t always try to clear the bombs on your every single move, otherwise you will run out. But try to clear the main stream in the middle; otherwise the bombs will detonate, as you only have 7 moves to do so.
– Planning your moves is highly important after clearing all the bombs in the middle of the course. You should try to combo, to try to clear as many jellies as possible.  With 25 moves, this step is vital. If you can, get a booster.
– You don’t have to break all the icing, just enough to make navigating the course easier.

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