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Level 566 Cheats & Tips For Candy Crush Saga

level-566-cheats-guideAvailable Moves: 30 
Goal: Collect 20 striped candies, 10 wrapped candies and 5 color bombs, scoring 50,000 points in the process.
Target Score: 50,000 points
Two Stars: 80,000 points
Three Stars: 120,000 points
Level 566 of Candy Crush Saga is the 6th level of Biscuit Bungalow and the 126th level involving candy order. In order to have success in this level, you would need to collect 20 striped candies, 10 wrapped candies and 5 color bombs, which is usually enough to gain 50,000 points. The shape of the board is regular, meaning that it is just a plain square. However, multiple liquorice blockers hinder your progress, but these can easily be dealt with. Bombs and icing layers are however dangerous, and can cause serious problems if ignored. You must be able to find priorities, but you should find a combination involving the destruction of blockers and collection of various candy types. There are 5 candy colors, making it quite difficult to make candy combinations, but one, which can benefit the game, can always be found. You need to refer to the guide below, and plan your moves. This level is rated as very hard.
– This should be obvious for a player who has got past the first 500 levels, but as you can see the bombs have an extremely limited number of moves – 7. Considering the blockers you have to face, you need to get rid of these ASAP. Top priority.
– Create combos, there should always be one or two. You HAVE to start off with a horizontal striped candy or a color bomb instantly, otherwise you will be stuck with the bomb blockers and lose.
– Open up as many candies as possible. This will assist the point gaining and candy collecting.

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