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Level 584 Tips for Candy Crush

Available Moves: 50
Goal: Clear all the jellies and get one star.
Target Score: 16,000 points
Two Stars: 35,000 points
Three Stars: 55,000 points

Level 584 is the ninth level of Gummy Gardens. In order to win this level, you need to clear all the jellies and at least get one star. The board is a smaller board, making points harder to get, unless you get special candies to clear the other candies. There is a conveyor belt surrounding the board, which will unlock the special candy after clearing the cake blocker. There are only 4 colors, making the creation of special candies easier than usual.


– Prioritize clearing the cake bomb. This is the main blocker from collecting special candies. Try to think hard for every move.

– Collect as many striped candies as you can, but use them strategically. Do not use them if you cannot clear the jellies. Wait for a position where they’re useful. As long as you clear all jellies, you can win the game.

– When the left striped candy has dropped to the conveyor belt, pay close attention to it. Switch the two candies when they are next to each other, (going left to right). After this is complete, simply make as many striped candies as possible.

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