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Level 585 Cheats Guide – Candy Crush Tips

level-585-tips-guideAvailable Moves: 50
Goal: Clear 9 double jelly squares and score 18,000 points in the process
Target Score: 18,000 points
Two Stars: 65,000 points
Three Stars: 85,000 points
Level 585 of Candy Crush Saga is the tenth level of Gummy Gardens and the 255th level involving jelly. In order to pass this level, you must clear nine double jelly squares and score at least 18,000 points within 50 moves or less. Seems easy right? Read on! The layout of the board is what makes this level troubling. There are three adjacent sections, the main candy board, a little conveyor belt with liquorice and bombs and a conveyor belt with all the jellies. This is the tricky bit – the jellies are away from the main board, making it harder to win. Candy bombs are also a difficulty, making this another one of those levels involving a player choosing their priority – whether to take the candy bombs or clear the jellies. Here at candycrushit.com, we help you find the priorities you need to choose to win the game. There are five candy colors, making color combinations moderately difficult to make. It is important that you follow this guide, because this level has a different strategy to others. This level is rated hard.

Level 585 Tips:
–       Try to find a combination, which would result with a color bomb combining with a striped candy. More importantly, try to pick a color where most of the jellies are located, because this will give you a nice advantage. A booster would help, as well.
–       Vertical striped candies combined with wrapped candies would also assist in clearing the jellies.
–       To summarize, try to clear the jellies, but don’t let the bombs wait! They’ll come back to bite you! Find a combination, which involves clearing bombs and jellies.

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