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Level 586 Tips for Candy Crush Saga


Available Moves: 35
Goal: Bring the two hazelnuts down and score 20,000 points.
Target Score: 20,000 points
Two Stars: 115,000 points
Three Stars: 130,000 points

Level 586 is the eleventh level of Gummy Gardens. To win, you must bring down the 2 hazelnuts and score at least 20,000 points, with 35 moves to do so. The board is rectangular, with three candle like shapes on top, where the candies come from. The level is classified as extremely difficult to win, with five colors. The layout of the board makes points hard to gain, and precise, calculated moves are needed.


– In order to win this, it is highly suggested that you reset the level until you have two matching candles above the ingredient. Not having this will make gaining stars extremely hard, and failure is usually imminent. If you however do not want to, try to find a horizontal match, by looking to the adjacent conveyor at the candy color, or candies if the ingredient is on the middle conveyor that is even with your ingredient.

– Now try to get two candies of the same color (a very hard spawn). You may have to waste moves to achieve this. Do not move your now aligned colors. For the edge conveyors, there are two non-moving spaces, for you to make the same color. After this, bringing the hazelnut down would be simple.

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