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Level 597 Tips – Candy Crush Cheats Guide


Available Moves: 25
Goal: Clear 36 double jelly squares, gaining 30,000 points in the process.
Target Score: 30,000 points
Two Stars: 50,000 points
Three Stars: 75,000 points
Level 597 of Candy Crush Saga is the seventh level of Water Windmill and the 262nd level involving Jelly. The format of this level is quite unusual, with two adjacent rectangles, one having all the jellies and one having regular candies. The candies will not spawn on the left side, and only candies bought by the conveyor belt will be on the left side. This, along with the task of clearing 36 double jelly squares with less than 25 moves makes this level hard. There are 5 jelly colors, making color combinations moderately difficult to create. Overall, this level is classified as extremely difficult, so it is vital that you follow the tips below as even experienced veterans can still lose this game.
Level 597 Strategy Guide:
– There are a few jelly fish, so try to clear those first. Alternatively, use a color bomb and a candy combo, as this will clear a few of the jellies on the left side of the screen. The jelly fish are highly important to the success of this level, so make sure you clear them!
– A striped or wrapped combo would still also work for the fish. Strategically planning out your moves is highly important, trying to create combos as you go. Remember, you only have 25 moves to clear 36 double jelly’s, so if you make a mistake with one move, you could be a goner.

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