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Level 611 Cheats For Candy Crush Saga

level-611Available Moves: 25

Goal: Bring down 3 hazelnuts and 3 cherries within 25 moves, scoring at least 60,000 points in the process.

Target Score: 60,000 points

Two Stars: 100,000 points

Three Stars: 120,000 points


Level 611 of Candy Crush Saga is the sixth level of Cereal Sea and the 161st level involving ingredients. In order to pass this level, you need to bring down 3 hazelnuts and 3 cherries, scoring 60,000 points or more in under the allotted 25 moves. Don’t worry about the points, the ingredients will always give you enough points to pass this level. What we need to worry about is the blockers, or the liquorice swirls. They are abundant in this level, and you should read on in this guide in order to know how to complete this level. The structure of this level is two rectangles, on the top and bottom of each other, so the gameplay is slightly easy, but as always, you need to plan your moves thoroughly in order to clear the ingredients in the low amount of moves. There are 4 candy colors, making color combinations easy to create. This level is rated as hard, so read on in the guide to beat this level.




  • Clear the liquorice swirls. They block ingredients and colors, so try to find moves to bring down ingredients and clear the swirls. You don’t have to clear all of them, but only a few, as to let the ingredients move through.


  • Don’t get the ingredients into a stuck spot! This is such a common occurrence due to the prominence of the liquorice swirls. If you get it stuck, there is no good strategy out. You have lost.


  • There is a frog to help you clear the liquorice swirls. Make use of him, he’s your best friend for this level.


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