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Candy Crush Level 677 Tips & Cheats Guide

Available Moves: 40.
Goal: Create 5 striped candies and 5 striped candy combinations
Target Score: 20,000 points
Two Stars: 50,000 points
Three Stars: 90,000 points

Level 677 is the twelfth level of the Crunchy Courtyard, with a generic board, which could be seen in earlier levels of the game. There are blockers preventing the candies from falling down, and locks holding striped candies at the side, making combinations harder to finish. There are 6 colors, making this level harder to finish. For the strategy to win this level, continue reading.


Before we start with the strategy, I must clarify that this level is very hard without boosters, and you might have to watch your every single move.

Step 1: Free the Striped Candies

As you can see in the screenshot below, there are 4 striped candies stuck on the left side, with 3 on the right side. Do not free the candies until indicated in the guide. Your first move is fine, as long as you don’t free the striped candies. You can free the top and bottom, and combine the icing in between. Leave the other two. When you combine your first pair, be sure that the cleared row is the row with the other two striped candies. Combine the last two, and you’re done! For now. As for the right side, just free all of them and move on to Step 2.

Step 2: The Rest

Remember the candies on the sides? Bring one more striped candy, and combine them, leaving one more striped candy. You should have 25 moves at this point. If you get a colour bomb, use it! This will help with uncovering striped candies.

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