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Level 713 Cheats – Tips For Candy Crush Saga

Available Moves: 45
Goal: Clear a double jelly square and score 10,000 points within 45 moves.
Target Score: 10,000 points
Two Stars: 150,000 points
Three Stars: 300,000 points
Level 713 of Candy Crush Saga is the third level in Boneyard Bonaza and the 308th level involving Jelly. In order to complete this level successfully, you must attain at least 10,000 points and clear a double jelly square in 45 moves or less. This board is shaped like a square, carved in slightly on the bottom left corner. There is also a conveyor belt present. Numerous blockers can hinder your progress in this level, but once enough are cleared, victory is certain. 6 colors are present in this level, meaning creating candy combinations would be quite difficult, and would require planning. However, this level is classified as “Quite Easy”. It is however suggested to adhere to this guide to maximize your potential with what the board has given you.
Level 731 Cheats Guide:

– Destroying the icing to open up the board and attain more space. It is quite important that you do this, as this level is quite easy to get three stars in, and without using this tip, you will not be able to get three stars.
– The conveyor belt can give you an idea of where to match candies. You should plan your moves to meet the conveyor belt and score more points.
– Don’t be fooled by the simple task of clearing a jelly, as there are numerous tasks you have to complete in order to clear them. You must clear the sugar keys! It is a priority!

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