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Level 733 Cheats – Candy Crush Saga


Available Moves: 12

Goal: Clear three color bombs within 12 moves, scoring 30,000 points in the process.

Target Score: 30,000 points

Two Stars: 60,000 points

Three Stars: 75,000 points


Level 733 of Candy Crush Saga is the eighth level of Marshmallow Mountains and the 160th level involving candy order. In order to pass this level, you must clear three color bombs within 12 moves, scoring 30,000 points in the process. The layout of the board is a heart; meaning that stuck zones are possible and common, but the only areas, which you need to worry about, are in the corners, so don’t worry. However, we should worry about the blockers! There are chocolate blockers, bombs and spawners to make your time in this level hell. Additionally, this is a luck-based level. If you don’t get a good spawn, it’s extremely likely you’ll lose. Plenty of chocolate related products hinder your path, and as a very special exception, you may not get enough points to win, although this is rare. However, completing tasks usually gets you the allotted points. There are five colors in this level, making candy combinations moderately hard to make. With everything in this level, this will be rated very difficult, so pay attention to the tips and tricks I will provide for your success.




  • Try to get a color bomb with a striped candy. This will help finish the level with the extremely limited moves.


Clear the bombs. A very common occurrence is when a player ignores the bombs, seeing the big 10, and then it detonates with only two moves left. If you have completed set tasks, this would be a very annoying occurrence.


  • Plan your moves. I keep saying this, but you really need to. Each move is like gold here; you cannot fail. If you really are stuck, just buy an extra five moves. But with my guidance, this should not happen.



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