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Level 1 Tips For Candy Crush Soda Saga

Available Moves: 15 moves
Goal: Pop 7 bottles to raise the soda line
Target score: 1 000
Two stars: 10 000
Three stars: 15 000


Soda Saga Level 1 Cheats & Help Guide:

This is the very first level of Candy Crush Soda which introduce the first level type- pop the bottles. The target in these levels is to pop the arranged soda bottles. Each soda bottle raises the soda line on the board. You have to match them with regular candies. Something that is different from Candy Crush Saga is that you can collect four candies in a square. In this way you create Swedish Fish Booster. The Swedish fish will bring in surrounding candies if it can so sometimes it will match 5 candies instead of just 4, for example. It’s the introduction level so it’s pretty easy to achieve 3 stars score.. If luck isn’t on your side, you are going to need the following tips to get past it:

Pay attention to how the soda works
Candies are submerged in the soda float upwards when matches are made. This
means that candies move in more than one direction which takes more time
to get used to.

Work from the top
Don’t forget that candies move in different directions instead of just falling down
because of the soda liquid effect.

Good luck and invite your friends if you need more lives!

If you have any good cheats or tips to help out the other readers leave us a comment on the bottom of this post!

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