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Soda Saga Level 4 Cheats & Tips Guide

soda-saga-level-4-tipsAvailable moves: 20
Goal: Pop 8 bottles
Target score: 2 000
Two stars: 6 000
Three stars: 12 000 (?)

Strategy Guide:

The level begins with combination between the Color Bomb and the Fish at the top of the playing board. This move leads to turning every blue candy into a Fish. This will clear at least most of the Liquorice locks. Next step is to focus on the bottles at the bottom half of the playing board. If you don’t have a suitable move, just play around the bottles in order to combine them later. Here are some basic tips if things go wrong:

Try to focus on creating Fish
This is your most certain way to pop the bottles.

Don’t try to unlock all the Liquorice locks if they haven’t been unlocked after your first move

Your target is to pop 8 bottles, right?

Combine two special candies for even more powerful move

Good luck and don’t forget to invite your friends for more lives!

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