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Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 6 Cheats & Tips

Available moves: 20
Goal: Find 3 bears
Target score: 6 000
Two stars: 65 000
Three stars: 75 000


This is the first level of episode 2 and it introduces us the second type of Candy Soda levels- Frosting level. In frosting levels there are blue gummy bears concealed under ice tiles which have to be removed by making matches on top of them. Ice can be thin and only need one match to remove, or more commonly it will be thick and need two matches. When you make a match on top of thick ice it will turn into thin ice, and will become more transparent so that you can see if there is a bear below.
The level starts with instructions on how to find bears- you have to match candies on ice to find the bears.
The bears themselves can be small or huge (1×2 up to 3×6). In this level there are 3 bears which are easy to find so you shouldn’t have many problems completing the level. Here are some tips in case you can’t use to get to this type of levels:

Focus on matching candies mainly on top of ice
Don’t waste moves.

The Swedish Fish candies might be very helpful
They eat a block of ice and you can notice where your bears are located.

No time limit again
Focus on your target and don’t distract yourself with unnecessary hurrying.

Good luck and don’t forget to invite your friends for more lives!

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