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Soda Saga Level 7 Tips & Cheats

soda-saga-level-7Available moves: 20
Goal: Find 5 bears
Target score: 6 000
Two stars: 25 000
Three stars: 40 000

There are 5 Liquorice locks in this level and it’s better to remove some of them with your first moves. Then the level becomes much a bit easier and enjoyable. All 5 bears are the smallest size (1×2) and you might have a problem finding them. In my opinion, this type of levels is much more interesting than the soda rise levels. Here are some useful tips for dealing with this level:

There is no soda in this level

Focus mainly on matching candies at the bottom of the playing shield.

Swedish Fish can be very helpful

They eat a block of ice so you will have a better view of where your bears are located.

Good luck and don’t forget to invite your friends for more lives!

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