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Soda Saga Level 8 Cheats & Tips

soda-saga-level-8Available moves: 30
Goal: Find 20 bears
Target score: 4 000 (?)
Two stars: 200 000
Three stars: 400 000

This level can be actually a little tricky when you first play it. You will notice there are a lot of Cupcakes- your second blocker you must deal with in this game. There are 5 types of Cupcakes- from 1-layered to 5-layered. Therefore, they can be removed after you match candies on them 1,2,3,4 or 5 times. Here the candies are from 2-layered type. Your moves are not enough to clear all of them so here are some tips how to achieve your goal:

Focus on clearing Cupcakes

Try to clear all the way down to the bottom. Candies will fall and hopefully match automatically.

Try to combine special candies

In this level it’s really important not only to use one special candy at the time but to combine them into bigger explosion so they can break the cupcake mass.

Don’t try to break all the Cupcakes

If there isn’t a bear under them, it’s worthless to waste your moves

Good luck and don’t forget to invite your friends for more lives!

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