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Soda Saga Level 9 Cheats & Tips

level-9-soda-sagaAvailable moves: 20
Goal: Save 3 bears
Target score: 6 000
Two stars: 12 000
Three stars: 18 000

This is the first “save bears” level. It begins with a quick lesson how to save bears- you have to match candies above and move them past the candy line. You need higher soda level so the bears can “swim” in it. You don’t have to worry about this now because the entire playing board is already filled with a soda level. The level has 3 stages.

You have to raise the soda level at least one row above the string
But try to raise the level even higher so that you more easily complete it

Match candies closer to the bear bubble
It’s important not to waste moves on the whole playing board

Good luck and don’t forget to invite your friends for more lives!

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